Valuable First Edition Books

Abe Books, who sold a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for £26,700, have created a useful guide to rare and. Firstly, anything signed by the author is clearly valuable – a book signed by one of the illustrators less so.

22 May 2019. First editions – especially of the first two books – are worth at least £20 no matter what state they're in and can. Another valuable one to have in your collection – published in 1998 in not many numbers (Harry Potter mania.

*Trade: has a price on the book and can be purchased at bookstores, like Barnes & Noble; in the Potter books, the first edition trades are the most collectible (and sometimes valuable) over the book club and other later editions. The Sorcerer's.

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Advanced Review Copy. These normally have the same printing information as first editions but have a notice that they are advanced review copies on the cover. Typically, they are not quite as valuable as a true first.

Shouldn't the earliest forms of books – first editions – be just as valuable and interesting as any of these other collectibles? Of course they should, and to many , they are the most interesting of all. I think the reason for this is that books are,

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20 Nov 2007. Books can be a great investment if you go for a first edition in hardback. runs are often low in number as they were churned out before the book became a hit, so surviving copies are particularly rare and potentially valuable.

20 Nov 2018. #books #bookstore #fantasy #tolkien #lotr #lordoftherings #firstedition #rare # geek #nerd #cafe #newyork #ny. Before you donate or trash your old books, you might want to check if they're valuable (even if you just want to.

30 Jan 2014. The simple fact is that most collectors avoid book club editions, and it might be worth examining why. Even some books that state “First Edition” on the copyright page are actually less valuable book club editions, so it's worth.

23 Apr 2019. The copies of books printed in the first Slavonic printing offices in Cetinje ( Montenegro) and Târgoviște (Romania) are extremely valuable. These are two Cyrillic incunables OSMOGLASNIK (Octoechos), Cetinje, 1494 and.

26 Feb 2012. A modern first edition's value is very much dependant on its dust jacket (dust wrapper or dust cover.). Surviving pre-1920 jackets add some additional value to the book they cover and, in some cases, can be worth much more than the book itself. At the same time dust jackets from later printings “married” to first edition, first printing books may go unnoticed for in cases of less important.

17 Apr 2018. How to find valuable books at garage sales. How can you tell which of those hundred books may be valuable?. What's crazy about landing valuable first editions is that you almost have to happen on them by accident.

26 Oct 2015. Determining the value of a book is a trick or treat business. There are distinctive key value factors that are associated with first edition books and you'll need to take them into account in any evaluation. Some first editions are.

18 Oct 2010. A first-edition paperback of on sale for $200 at the Chicago Rare Book Center. “Books tend not to lose value over the long haul,” he says. “It's not a. Determining the value of books, to say the least, is not an exact science.

17 Aug 2013. Check out Ken Sanders's ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal of this Langston Hughes Signed First Edition Books from Richmond, Hour 3!. Value (2013) | $8,000 Retail – $10,000 Retail. Watch. Ken Sanders Rare Books.

10 Sep 2014. Book collectors value first editions because it's the closest one can get to the author's intent. The first copies of award-winning books often don't have any awards or accolades yet: there's no prize seal on the book cover.

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An article describing how to understand the basic factors behind the value of rare or antique books. Have you ever wondered what makes an antique book valuable? Why do. Also, first editions tend to be rarer than later printings of a book.

Book club editions for the most part (see the end of this write-up for the exceptions) are not of collectible value and cause a lot of confusion for many book collectors. In most cases, books released through Book-of-the-Month Club ( BOMC) are.