Airport Music Hall Allentown

Before any of those black hard-rock bands gained fame came Pure Hell, an all-black Philadelphia-based punk-metal act that will perform tonight at the Airport Music Hall in Allentown. Back in 1977 Pure.

UNMAPPED FIELD root_FIELD_NAME_TDATE_NAME = "TDATE" UNMAPPED FIELD root_FIELD_NAME_TDATE = "DATE: Saturday, May 5, 1990" At Allentown’s Airport Music Hall last weekend, greasy-haired Chris Robinson of.

Cheap Trick and opening act Blonde and Dirty play tonight at Airport Music Hall, K mart Shopping Center, Airport Road, Allentown. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are expected to be available at the.

Malice has heard the future and it sounds a lot like the 1970s. The five-piece group, which performs tonight at the Airport Music Hall in Allentown, is styled along the lines of Foghat, UFO, Status.

As PASCAL rings down the curtain on its tenure at the Airport Music Hall, several names are rumored to be waiting in the wings to take over the building in the Airport Plaza shopping center along.

About five months ago, guitarist Todd Youth started acting strangely toward his band mates in Murphy’s Law. "His girlfriend had just had a baby and — this is killer rock ‘n’ roll soap opera! — he.

When the band performs in the Lehigh Valley for the first time at an all-ages show on Monday night, it won’t be at the expected venue — say, the Airport Music Hall or Agricultural Hall in Allentown -.

"Hey A-town, is Tucker Quayle in the audience?" asked Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum midway through the San Francisco-based band’s set Tuesday night at the Airport Music Hall in Allentown. No.

In "Light Of Day," director Paul Schrader’s semi-autobiographical film about the family conflicts surrounding a pair of sibling rock musicians in a Midwest bar band, Joan Jett portrays a rebellious,

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Wolvz, a hard-rock act from Richboro, is hoping to tear you apart tonight during a Halloween Metal Monster Mash at the Airport Music Hall in Allentown. Formerly known as Metalwolf, the act is no.

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It was by sprinkling tight vocal harmonies over sexy, Latin rhythms that Expose earned a reputation as a red-hot Miami Sound machine. But on its latest Arista album, the low-energy "What You Don’t.

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Danzig, a spare-sounding, Gothic heavy metal band which performs tonight at Allentown’s Airport Music Hall, is among the best of a breed of rock bands long thought dead: one capable of building a.

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A dinner theater that would seat 450 and feature theatrical revues similar to Lily Langtry’s in King of Prussia is planned for the Airport Music Hall on Airport Road in Allentown. Erv Fetherman, owner.

The Music Hall is a joint venture by Makoul. The hall is located in the K mart shopping center along Airport Road, between Route 22 and Union Boulevard. "What we’re going to do is bring to the.

Last Saturday at the Airport Music Hall, Kings Of The Sun were under a cloud as openers. The crowd remained impassive, to Hoad’s utter amazement. Absolutely Allentown! The diminutive Dickinson, who.

Tora Tora, Nasty Nasty, Bottoms Up and Backtalk play tonight at the Airport Music Hall, K mart Shopping Center, Airport Road, Allentown. Show time is 7:30. Tickets are expected to be available at the.

In fact, as names go, Level 42 is one that members of the group didn’t even like, admitted Mike Lindup, keyboard/vocalist for the group, which performs tonight at Airport Music Hall, Allentown.

The sound of promoters booking bands is the sound of one hand washing the other. Tonight’s show at Airport Music Hall in Allentown, which features Philadelphia hard-rock band and Columbia recording.